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Swedish Massage, Relaxation Massage
About the Practitioner

Elaine Phillips Blackwell, LMBT

Diploma from Kneaded Energy School of Massage, Greensboro, NC

Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist, NC License #10742


Deep Tissue/Therapeutic


Medical Massage

Pre-Natal Massage

Therapeutic Bamboo


Hot Stone

Meditative and Cancer Massage

Hot Rockin' Sweet Feet Reflexology



My professional massage intention is to provide clients of massage therapy and energy work with exceptional professional care in a friendly manner that best facilitates their well being; an opportunity to relax, allow their bodies to heal themselves, and thus achieve a higher quality of life.  

I have adopted four dogs -saving animals means so much to me, and the unconditional love they offer is amazing. Watching them interact with each other can help ease the stresses of my day and bring a smile and laughter to my heart. To teach them new things and then see them do those things can be amazing -among my favorites are "wipe your feet" and "go to your room." They will wipe their muddy feet when coming inside, and go to their room when someone's come to the door, or when it's bedtime.  At bedtime it's especially heartwarming, because one of them will usually bring his "blankie" with him!

Several years ago I volunteered at HorsePower Therapeutic Riding Center, in Colfax, NC, and came to adore horses and be amazed by their knowledge and intuition. These specially trained horses, instructors, and volunteers helped children, teens, and adults with multiple disabilities realize abilities they didn't know they had. The smile on the face of a rider is priceless to a parent who deals with the child's disabilities day in and out. The pride a teen or adult displays when completing a task on horseback is contagious. This was a wonderful experience!

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